Cremation Memorialization

Everyone deserves a permanent and accessible place to rest. Keeping cremated remains at home can deprive relatives and friends of the opportunity to visit anytime they choose. The choice of scattering offers no permanent record and no assurance the place of disposition will remain as it is forever.

Rose Lawn is protected by both State and Federal law, and it will always be here for future generations.

Choosing a location in Rose Lawn allows you to have a physical location to visit loved ones and is a place for a permanent memorial to their life. At Rose Lawn, we offer many creative and individual opportunities to remember those choosing cremation.

Garden Columbariums

There are niches available in the Resurrection Columbarium and in the Good Shepherd Columbarium. The price of the columbarium includes the niche to hold one urn and the bronze name plaque. There is enough room in each niche to permanently include a few personal items along with the urn. Families are welcome to witness the closure of the niche as part of the committal service. 

Resurrection Columbarium

resurrection columbariumresurrection columbarium

Good Shepherd Columbarium

good shephard columbariumgood shephard columbarium

Traditional space

One, two, or more cremations can be placed in the space of one traditional grave. This allows for a larger memorial than a cremation grave. One grave may also hold one full-size burial in addition to cremation burial. Inurnments may also be possible in the same grave as existing family burials. Please contact our office for details


Cremation Memorialization