About Rose Lawn Cemetery

Rose Lawn Memorial Estates in Moline, Illinois, was developed as a privately owned cemetery by the Russ family and opened in 1934.

Rose Lawn Memorial Estates was created and designed in the lawn cemetery style, first introduced by Adolph Strauch in 1855 in Cincinnati, OH. Lawn cemeteries are recognizable by their large expanses of lawn and use of memorials installed horizontally at ground level. In addition the regulations of Rose Lawn Cemetery require the exclusive use of memorials composed of bronze. A stroll through the cemetery will provide many examples of how the older memorials have taken on the rich bluish green patina unique to objects made of bronze. Today's methods of manufacture include a long lasting protective coating which slow the eventual oxidation which develops the protective coating of verdigris on the memorials. Of course those who wish to restore any older memorial to a new finish can arrange for this service through the cemetery office.

Initially developed in a country setting, the city of Moline has expanded over the years to surround the cemetery. Rose Lawn Memorial Estates is today conveniently located at the intersection of 60th Street and John Deere Road in Moline, Illinois. With its easy accessibility, the cemetery offers a full array of service to families in the Quad City area. Please call the Rose Lawn Cemetery office at 309-788-6622 for information, pricing, or to make an appointment.

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Rose Lawn Today

Questions regarding any services provided today, or services contracted for in the past are being handled by Gregory M. Vogele. Mr. Vogele is a seasoned cemeterian who has been operating Rose Lawn as the Court Appointed Receiver since December 30, 2008. He may be reached at the Chippiannock Cemetery office located at 2901 12th Street, Rock Island, Illinois. The phone number is 309-788-6622. The office staff at Chippiannock operates four Quad City cemeteries and is licensed through the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation.

We currently offer traditional in-ground burial and in-ground inurnment services, and also offers columbarium niches for above-ground inurnment. Bronze memorials are attractively priced at the cemetery office. You can make your purchases with confidence. All purchases made through Rose Lawn Cemetery are fully protected under the pre-need and the cemetery oversight statutes of the State of Illinois.

The Future of Rose Lawn

Rose Lawn is lovely with enough land in reserve to last hundreds of years. Cemeteries are forever. Your purchase in a cemetery creates and preserves green space in your community for an eternity.